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Hello from snowy Russia! During the last year we worked hard and for now we have several interesting things to share. In our first  ‘Welcome’ post 2017 we decided to remind You about us.

‘Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers,’- said Shakuntala Devi, who was popularly known as the “human computer”.
Could you imagine our life without Mathematics? One can hardly do this!
That is why we decided to dedicate our first post in 2017 such a global and world-famous topic as Mathematics.
Here, at Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University there are lots of researches, scientific projects, institutions and subjects are connected with Mathematics.  Mathematics has been taught at SPbPU since 1902.

Our Mathematic world starts with the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. It is famous for its founder – the Academician A.F. Ioffe, who formulated the fundamental principle of the convergence between education and research, which has laid the foundations for the academic process at the Institute.
The distinctive feature of the Institute is a close relationship between the profound education in mathematics and mechanics and research oriented towards solving crucial problem of producing brand new equipment and technologies, competitive high-tech products.
We started an academic year 2016-2017 with one of the biggest university fests of scientific achievements in Russia and Europe called POLYFEST. We shared the experience of our successful graduates and their effective start-ups, discussed advanced technologies, and our designers and architects showed everyone the world in their eyes. We had incredible science shows and fantastic master classes. Our Tesla Show had a great success!1_2

During 2016 we had WORLD-FAMOUS visiting professors who read their lectures for our students.
One of the first was Professor REINHOLD KIENZLER from the University of Bremen with the lecture course ‘Material Conservation and Balance Laws in Linear Elasticity with Applications’.  The main focus of this Lecture Notes was on the establishment of material conservation and balance laws within the tree-dimensional theory of elasticity and its applications.
At the end of September 2016 WOLFGANG H. MÜLLER from the Technical University of Berlin had the lectures on the topic ‘Rational Electrodynamics of Materials’. He focused on mechanics and thermodynamics of advanced materials (composites, ceramics, glasses, solders, steels, and alloys).
The special course had Professor WILLIAM VAN HORSSEN from the Delft University of Technology. ‘Perturbation Methods for Nonlinear Continuous Dynamical Systems in Engineering’ was centered on asymptotics and perturbation theory for ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, and difference equations.
Professor ERIC CHARKALUK from École Polytechnique gave the lectures on the topic ‘Strong and weak thermomechanical couplings in solids: from equations to finite elements based simulations’.
We were very proud to hold All-Russian Engineering Competition at our University which took part in November 2016. About 130 participants who were selected from more than 1100 applicants came here to prove their knowledge and professional skills.

The winners were awarded at the White Hall of Polytechnic University.

1_3    In December we had first in our country Technological Conference ATCx Russia: optimization, bionic design, additive technologies. The event is dedicated to the three-party agreement undertaking between CompMechLab®, Altair Engineering, Inc. and SPbPU about the centre of excellence  “Altair – CML – Polytech” creation.  The key topic was Altair company’s progressive decisions for multi-criteria topological optimization, creation of complicated structures based on bionic design principles.
SPbPU holds Mathematic seminars on the regular bases.  In 2016 we hold Aerodynamics Underlying Problem Seminar in online video conference meeting. The discussed topics were ‘Features of Nanofluids thermal-physical properties and their movements’, ‘Numerical investigation of turbulent flow in the Wake of the nozzle unit of emergency rescue’, ‘Supersonic Flow in Radial Muzzle’.
Also we are welcoming you to join our International conference on Mathematical Modeling in Applied Sciences (ICMMAS-17) which is taking place from 2017 July 24 to July 27.


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