Industrial Internet for maritime traffic – optimizing routes and reducing fuel consumption

Applied mathematics at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) and Eniram Ltd are developing IOT based data analytics for maritime transport in an Academy of Finland research project. The objective is optimization of maintenance and in the future also routes through digital data collection and analysis. “With the help of the […]

Ensemble Kalman smoothing of algal bloom events

Algal blooms of inland and coastal waters are frequent events that should be broadcast to the general public as a warning. This is rarely done because there are few real-time monitoring systems that allow them to be detected and mapped in real time. The Finnish Environment Centre SYKE aims to build such an operational system […]

CFD modelling for Wind Energy development at LUT Computational Engineering

In Finland, wind energy is one potential renewable energy sources, but has not been widely exploited. Today, the interest for inland wind-farm locations is raising in Finland with several ongoing investment studies. However, inland locations mean complex terrains with hills, forests and lakes, all strongly influencing local weather and wind conditions, hence affecting optimal locations […]

Digitalisation of sawmill industry

Novel artificial intelligence and machine vision solutions for handling material flows. Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory and Applied Mathematics at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) in collaboration with three companies, Finnos Oy, FinScan Oy, and Stora Enso Oyj are advancing the digitalisation of sawmill industry. One of the main objectives of the collaboration is […]

MODCLIM International Dissemination Seminar

  On September 13, 2016 Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WUST), Poland, hosted MODCLIM International Dissemination Seminar, which main objective was  to disseminate the results of 2-year MODCLIM (Modeling Clinic for Industrial Mathematics) project in the framework of  Erasmus Plus – Strategic Partnership Program, funded by the European Commission through the Education Culture and […]

LUT makes use of Erasmus+ staff visits

The Department of Computational Engineering at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) specializes in deterministic modeling of industrial problems as well as soft computing methods for modeling uncertainty and process optimization. We have used Erasmus+ Staff exchange in seeking collaboration and for advertising our profile to the other ECMI partners. Examples are visits to/from Wroclaw University […]

Computational modelling projects at CEID in Lappeenranta

The Centre of Computational Engineering and Integrated Design (CEID) supports LUT’s strategy in the areas of scientific computing and industrial process modelling. CEID operates under the LUT School of Engineering Science. The purpose is to conduct high level research in scientific computing and integrated design, and to promote co-operation between various laboratories and research groups […]

Air Surveillance by Doppler Tracking

Earlier this year Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) was granted the sum of 100 000 euro for one year project, called ‘Doppler tracking of distant targets’, by Scientific Advisory Board of Defence (MATINE). Additional funding of 67 500 euro was provided by LUT itself. The research group consists of eight people among which there are […]

Building knowledge base for industrial mathematics in Africa

Africa needs technological development including modernization of higher education. Challenging problems persist: civil infrastructure, food production and agricultural practices, logistic chains, public health and sanitation, environmental hazards, energy scarcity. Reforms in industrial processes through engineering skills are pivotal for sustainable development. The knowledge that ECMI represents could provide welcome and needed components in the reform […]

First Business, Engineering and Educational Study Group (ESGI 123) in St. Petersburg

The three universities Kyiv Polytechnic, Ukraine, University Koblenz-Landau, Germany and Polytechnic University St. Petersburg, Russia cooperate in organizing a series of Study Groups with Industry. The three partners are long-term members of ECMI and initiated their collaboration in 2015 with a joint proposal to the German Volkswagen-Foundation. Based on a three years grant, the partners […]