Inverse CoE year seminar 2020, Luosto, Sodankylä

The research group of prof Heikki Haario has been organizing annually a workshop and seminar on Inverse Problems at Luosto, Lapland, in the middle of the white, scenic nature of shining snow and ski-tracks in the wide open space of arctic beauty. luosto-skitrack This year the event was on February 24-28. The workshop has over the years attracted participants from the collaborators of the group all over the globe. The workshop is part of the activity of The Finnish Centre of Excellence of Inverse Modelling and Imaging.

This group is internationally recognized as the world’s leading unit in the field, a consortium of 15 Principal Investigators working in eight universities and research institutions in Finland and with large contact networks in several countries in both hemispheres.

The program consists of scientific talks, presentations of research groups, ongoing works by alumni post docs, reports of PhD projects etc. The topics of 2020 Luosto seminar included

  • Virtual Reality, Motion flow, inpainting.
  • Time series analysis for electricity prices
  • Estimating emissions of Belchatow power plant by TROPOMI satellite
  • Modern Hamilton Monte Carlo methods
  • Pareto statistics
  • Statistics for extreme events
  • Quality control for citizen data
  • Bayesian baseline correction and feature estimation for spectral data
  • Hierarchical modelling of cruise ship power consumption,
  • CFD simulations of ship wind resistances (IIDAMARI project)
  • Optimal radar codes for Eiscat 3D, other applications
  • Synthetic UQ analysis of GOMOS satellite measurements using WACCM model simulations and the satGP software
  • Synchronization of chaotic systems
  • Heston financial market model.
  • SIAM UQ, UQ for CFD/Palm simulations

Mixture of science and nature contained outdoors activities, sauna of course and a good dinner on Tuesday evening at the local Punakettu restaurant.