IOT based data analytics for maritime transport

Applied mathematics at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) and Eniram Ltd are developing IOT based data analytics for maritime transport in an Academy of Finland research project. The objective is optimization of maintenance and in the future also routes through digital data collection and analysis. “With the help of the Industrial Internet, ships could in future be able to travel and be serviced more predictably, economically and in a timely manner. For example, large cruisers could change their route and avoid bad weather. Aviation industry is ahead of maritime transport; these fields have been separate and there is room for improvement”, says Heikki Haario, Professor of Applied Mathematics at LUT.sea-palmas_0584

The project combines measurements from ship instruments, data analytics by Eniram, modelling and data services of the Finnish Meteorological Institute in a novel way. Weather forecasts and measurements by ships are used for route optimization but also refining short-term local weather forecasts. The results are also used for vessel condition monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance planning. Model-based calculations are performed on both cloud services and locally on ships. When data is collected on vessel navigation, weather conditions and fuel streams, a mathematical model for ship consumption can be constructed. The models are designed to optimize the operation, reducing consumption and emissions.

Eniram Ltd, a Finnish research partner has been providing fuel-efficiency data analytics services for ocean-going vessels. Eniram’s mathematicians and marine experts have developed maritime models, combining physical and data-based modeling techniques. The aim of this project is to develop new statistical modeling methods that can combine information from different types of data sources and thereby build models in situations where accurate ship-specific data is less available. It will be possible to analyze ships for which it is not reasonable to install a full data capability. Eniram operates globally with headquarters in Helsinki and offices in UK, United States, Germany and Singapore.

The two-year research project 2018-19 is funded by the Academy of Finland. The research is part of the Academy’s ICT 2023 program. For further info contact:

Prof Heikki Haario, LUT and FMI,
Dr Antti Solonen, Eniram,
Prof Marko Laine, FMI,