Industrial PhD for Intersectoral Innovation at University of Milan

University of Milan has recently activated a new industrial PhD programme, named Intersectoral Innovation, in the framework of the national recovery plan. The PhD programme in Intersectoral Innovation intends to develop a cadre of professionals equipped with the field-specific and interdisciplinary skill set needed to access, both during their doctoral programme and in their professional career thereafter, entirely novel professional opportunities. This decidedly intersectoral training will pave the way for a career in academia or in business or industry, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and techniques intrinsic to the academic sphere to the world of manufacturing and production. These professionals will become a driving force for an increasingly connected and effective cooperation between business and academia. The students of this programme will be uniquely poised to contribute specialised knowledge in scientific, technological, and societal innovation in their chosen field. The multidisciplinary nature of University of Milan allows to develop doctoral-level training with high-level, field-specific and interdisciplinary training customised in an innovative way to the needs of the businesses partnering with the doctoral programme, and to the manufacturing and public sector at large.

The programme includes a wide range of lines of research, in many scientific fields and also in social sciences, economics and humanities. A set of positions, partially funded by the Ministry of University and of Scientific Research, have been dedicated to research projects related with mathematical methods for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

For additional information please visit the site of the programme.

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