BCAM (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics) offers two Postdoctoral Fellowship position, one PhD position and two Reseach Tecnician position:

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Machine Learning for Energy Forecasting: BCAM is offering a Postdoctoral position to work in Machine Learning for energy forecasting in the framework of “CHARGER+- Nueva Generación de Puntos de Recarga de Vehículo Eléctrico con Funcionalidades Autónomas y Colaborativas e Impacto Cero“. The researcher will join Machine Learning research line to work with Dr Santiago Mazuelas. Deadline for applications: 31 August 2022, Wednesday.
  • Research Technician in DS-MATH4SPORTS: BCAM is offering a Research technician position in Data Science in the framework of MATH4SPORTS – Modelización matemática para la industria deportiva: salud y rendimiento  to work with Dr Dae-Jin Lee. Statistical modelling applied to sports sciences with particular interests in athlete’s performance, sports medicine, biomechanics and sports analytics topics will be worked. Deadline for applications: 31 August 2022, Wednesday.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Federated LearningBCAM is offering a Postdoctoral position un federated learning in probabilistic classifiers to work with Aritz Perez in Machine Learning research line. Traditional machine learning approaches need to combine all data at one location. Federated machine learning addresses the problems of distributed data and privacy with novel solutions combining distributed machine learning and security. The main goal of this position consists of developing federated learning algorithms of probabilistic classifiers. The algorithms will be analyzed theoretically and through an extensive experimentation. Deadline for applications: 12 September 2022, Monday.
  • Research Technician in Optimizacion HyperheuristicsBCAM is offering a Research Technician position in optimization hyperheuristics to work with Aritz Perez in Machine Learning research line. In some optimization problems the evaluation of a solution can be very expensive, e.g., an accurate simulation of a complex physical system. In this project we will develop hyperheuristic optimization algorithms that control the number of evaluations. The hyperheuristic will be a combination of a population heuristic algorithm and a controller, which guides the evolution process of the solutions that conform the population. The hyperheuristic algorithm will allow to control the number of evaluations by means of two complementary strategies: 1) train the controller on simplified versions of the problem, e.g., simplified simulations of the physical system; and 2) train the controller allowing a maximum number of evaluations during the optimization process Deadline for applications: 12 September 2022, Monday.
  • PhD in local algebra in STAG: The Singularity Theory and Algebraic Geometry group in the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics is looking for a PhD candidate to work with Ilya Smirnov in the general area of local algebra. The research area of the Fellowship will be local algebra, a branch of commutative algebra that originates from the study of singularities of the system of polynomial equations. More generally, it studies local rings from the viewpoint shaped by singularity theory and algebraic geometry as the results can be applied to local rings formed by the germs of functions at a point. The specific project is to be determined in discussions with the Fellow, the potential areas are multiplicity theory and positive characteristic methods in commutative algebra. Deadline for applications: 30 September 2022, Friday.

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Contact: recruitment@bcamath.org

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