ECMI2021 Conference: Plenary Talks

At the end of the ECMI2021 week, we have made some of the keynote presentations, including the Anile Award winner, available on the ECMI Youtube Channel. That’s it! See you in Wrocław at ECMI2023!

Ginestra Bianconi, “Multilayer Networks: Structure and Function”

Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, “Deep Learning for Solving Inverse Imaging Problems”

Elisabetta Rocca, “A Phase-Field-Based Graded Material Topology Optimization with Stress Constraint”

Bernadette Stolz, “Global and Local Persistent Homology for the Shape and Classification of Biological Data”

Anna-Karin Tornberg, “Fast Summation: FFT Based Spectral Ewald Methods for Arbitrary Periodicity”

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