Scientists, get out there!

The BIGMATH kickoff workshop

Milano, March 11, 2019


This is the opening workshop of the MSCA-ITN-EID project BIGMATH, an EU funded international and industrial PhD programme (

The workshop is divided into two parts: during the morning session the BIGMATH Programme will be illustrated, the companies partners of the programme will illustrate the Big Data challenges that they are posing to mathematicians, and the recruited PhD students will introduce themselves to the audience.

The afternoon session will be devoted to promote good practices of scientific dissemination and public engagement, since this is one of the major challenges that our society and the EU is asking to scientists of any area of study. The talks of the afternoon session will then be addressed to a general public of  scientists, working in any scientific field, or people working in the academic world, who would like to undertake the adventure of communicating their daily research in an effective way.

The participation to both sessions is free of charge, but for organising reasons, we ask to participants to register by February 28.


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