Greta Malaspina: experience of an exchange student at Master of Applied Mathematics at UNS

fotogretaMy name is Greta Malaspina, I come from Italy and last year I got the opportunity to spend three months at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Novi Sad.

During the second year of my Master program in mathematics at the University of Florence, I decided that I would have liked to go abroad for the traineeship period required by my study program, and my advisor of the time informed me of the international agreement between our department and the University of Novi Sad and suggested me to spend a few months at UNS.

Novi Sad is a beautiful and welcoming city, made lively and young by the huge number of students that every year attend its university, and there I found everything that I could have hoped from an exchange program.

At the DMI I worked at my first research-related task, together with passionate professors who introduced me to the problem and guided me through the whole process of developing, studying and testing new ideas. The collaboration continued when I came back to my university and my work at UNS about subsampled spectral methods for unconstrained optimization became the topic of my master thesis.

During my time there I also got the opportunity to participate to some of the many activities organized by the department and to take part into some of the courses from the Data Science study program. Participating to the weekly seminars and the classes, I’ve been introduced to several new topics which gave me the chance to enlarge my perspective over my interests and to greatly increase my knowledge, not only about my specifical field. These activities also allowed me to meet a number of local students, and getting to know their different backgrounds made me develop a new point of view on all the things that I had been studying in the previous years.

I have always been convinced that working in different environments and with different people is of a great importance for the development of a student, and I think that the University of Novi Sad has been for me an ideal place where to have such an experience.

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