SPbPolytech – first university to introduce computational computer code for Airbus

6_1For over a decade Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University and Airbus collaborate on development and deployment of ASRP (Assembly Simulation of Riveting Process) software complex. ASRP is a specific and exceptional software solution with a great deal of complexity. It is said to be the only computer code developed by the University that is officially deployed in Airbus. From now this mathematical solution is allocated into the company’s technological chain and is being used.
Speeding-up airframe assembly process is one of the most important tasks for Airbus due to a limited time for aircraft assembly and impressive backlog for most popular models. Being a partner, the Polytech University in Saint Petersburg has been working on simulation of the airframe assembly process and optimization of the assembly technology for years, and the company delegated the University to elaborate this issue.6_3
The main challenge for simulation of the assembly process was about solving the contact problem for determination of deformed stress state of the assembly exerted by the forces generated by fastening elements. The standard commercial FEM codes were not of a high value so far due to complexity of the issue and a large number of unknowns. A team of experts from Saint Petersburg Polytech University started working on this project. And, as a result, the special mathematical model combining dimension reduction with 6_4the use of the state-of-the-art optimization algorithms was developed and implemented in the computer code.
During the realization of the project the team of senior and young researchers has crystallized in the University as a specialized laboratory. The members of the laboratory have the internships in the Company, carry out specific studies and effectively develop this research area.
ASRP was thoroughly tested by Airbus on many cases. ASRP now has TRL6 grade that means that it was fully tested and recommended for internal use by the company.Abbreviation TRL stands for Technology Readiness Level and it comes from NASA. Experts from St. Petersburg PolytechUniversity (Sergey Lupuleac, Margarita Petukhova, Julia Shinder, Alexander Smirnov, Maria Stefanova, Tatiana Pogarskaia, Eugene Victorov, Sergey Berezin, Nadezhda Zaitseva, Maria Churilova, Olga Minevich, Stanislav Baklanov, Artem Eliseev) were the first in Russia who got TRL 6 in Airbus. And it is definitively a rewarding achievement!6_2