Research Institute of Mathematic Modeling and Intelligent Control Systems

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University


Major Directions of Basic Research:

  • Turbulence modeling and simulation

Development and validation of different turbulence modeling and simulation approaches in the framework of RANS, LES, DNS, and RANS-LES hybrids

  • Computational Aero-Acoustics

LES-Based Computational Tools for Noise PredictionБезымянный3

Major Scientific/Technical Achievements:

  • Significant contributions to Turbulence Modeling, CAA and CFD.

The most important are:

  • Detached-Eddy Simulation (DES) of turbulence
  • Has turned the “vector of efforts” of turbulence modeling community to hybrid RANS-LES approaches
  • General method for jet noise prediction from “first principles”
  • First non-empirical CFD/CAA tool with accuracy of 2-3dB
    • Innovative approaches to global stability analysis of turbulent flows
      • Efficient techniques and software for global stability analysis of 2D and quasi-3D RANS solutions


Major Areas of Applied Studies (more about it):

  • External and internal aerodynamics
    • CFD of complex external , internal and vertical turbulent flows of practical interest


  • Aero-acoustics
    • LES-based prediction of engine exhaust jets and airframe noise


  • Flight comfort and safety
    • Air-conditioning, Cabin-noise, etc.


  • Convective heat-transfer
    • Heating and ventilation systems
    • Cooling of electronic devices


International Scientific/Technical Partnership:

  • Major European Universities, Aerospace Research Establishments, and Industries (in the framework of EU Projects)
  • Imperial College London, TUB, Chalmers University, University of Manchester, DLR, IMFT, ONERA, EADS-M, Bombardier, Alenia Aeronautics, Dassault Aviation, etc.
  • The Boeing Company
  • General Electric Global Research
  • General Electric Aviation Engines


The laboratory is open to institutions wishing to establish cooperation in the area of research!


Head of Laboratory:

Prof. Mikhail Kh. Strelets, e-mail:, phone: +7 812 329 47 91