ESGI116 in Durham

This year, the European Study Group with Industry will be organised by
Durham University from Monday 11th April to Friday 15th April 2016.

The Study Groups, which have been running for the last 50 years, are
offering companies the opportunity to submit – to a team of expert
mathematicians- problems that are holding back their growth or
preventing them from reaching their potential. Up to eight companies
will be able to present one of their problems on which approximately one
hundred academics, covering between themselves a very wide range of
mathematical expertise, will work for a full week.

While full solutions are not always found in such a short time, the
study group always makes very good progress towards finding a solution
often suggesting some novel approaches of investigation.

For the companies  proposing problems, the study group is an ideal forum
for holding a brainstorming session involving mathematicians who can
cast fresh eyes on problems completely new to them.

For the mathematicians involved, it is an opportunity to work on topics
completely different from their usual research areas and on problems
which always have very concrete applications.

The outcome of the study group is delivered through a presentation on
the last day, followed, a few weeks later, by a written report for each
of the problems.

Anyone interested in submitting a problem or in taking part in the study
group can email Bernard Piette (

The Study Group web page is http:/  or for registration

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