Hello from the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI) team in Limerick.

Over the next 15 days we will bring you some updates from our network of mathematical and statistical research teams. We’ve had a very busy first semester with lots happening over the next few months and we are excited to share a preview of what’s happening. Coming up on the […]

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Using machine learning to produce a very high resolution land-cover map for Ireland

Eoin Walsh CRT student In order to make forecasts about the weather, meteorologists make use of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models. These models require real world data as inputs in order to make inferences about the near future weather. One such input is a land-cover map. Land-cover maps, in the […]

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Estimating Residential Property Values in Dublin: What is the impact of a postcode?

Map of Dublin

Aoife Hurley CRT student The fascination with postcodes and the popularity of certain postcodes is nothing new in Dublin. There is a long-standing theory that purchasers will pay more for a specific postcode – historically postcodes have been used as a wealth indicator and class status symbol, perhaps this belief […]

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Current and Upcoming Vacancies at MACSI

University of Limerick aerial shot

PhD Prof Michael Vynnycky is recruiting for a PhD student in the area of solvent infiltration and swelling in granule and tablet dissolution More info here https://ulsites.ul.ie/macsi/phd-vacancy-solvent-infiltration-and-swelling-granule-and-tablet-dissolution The SFI Centre for Research Training is currently open to applications  for PhDs in the area of statistics, applied mathematics and machine learning. […]

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PhD Vacancy: Solvent infiltration and swelling in granule and tablet dissolution

Project Title: Solvent infiltration and swelling in granule and tablet dissolution Project Supervisor: Professor Michael Vynnycky, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Limerick Project location: MACSI, University of Limerick Start date: before 1st June 2021 The objective of the project is to derive and validate novel, first-principles mathematical models which […]

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Irish Numerical Analysis Forum seminar series

 The Irish Numerical Analysis Forum (INAF) is a new initiative where experts from various countries give talks on their subject areas that are suitable for a general numerical analysis audience— not just those who already have some familiarity with the topic of the talk.  The series starts on 21-Jan-2021; more […]

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A Machine Learning Based Traffic Data Analysis Tool (T-DAT)

Ciarán O’Mara As a generation that relies heavily on road infrastructure as our main medium of transport, we are constantly faced with the problem of congested and inefficient road networks. The majority of research carried out in this area has approached the problem in what could be described as a one-dimensional […]

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Not your traditional PhD journey…

Janet Clifford, Programme Manager What do you think when you hear the word PhD? I typically visualise an individual surrounded by reams of paperwork, someone scribbling equations on a whiteboard, someone burning the midnight oil at their laptop reading publications. However, in my minds-eye, when I picture this “typical” PhD […]

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