ECMI Students Competition 2022: winner announcement

We are happy to announce that the ECMI 2022 Student Competition, sponsored by ECMI and by fleXstructures GmbH, has been won by the team

MTI Mittelrhein, composed by Andreas Müller, University of Koblenz (Germany)

for the report entitled

Forward dynamic analysis of a muscle fatigue model using a multi body simulation model performing bicep curls

The opinion of the Jury is that this candidate used in an original way techniques from  literature, embedding them into the existing software SIMPACK (muscle model).  The analysis carried out shows some relevance from the physiological viewpoint, with a critical discussion of the  implications and limitations of the results. Comments are also presented to the relevance of the results in light of  consolidated practices by athletes. 

The suggested model has the potential to be used also for an ergonomic assessment of working tasks, as described in the motivation of the industrial problem of the competition. As an outlook, the industrial partner fleXstructures is looking forward to discuss this in depth with the winning team.

Congratulations to the winner!

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