ESGI 161: A Study Group with Industry in Portugal

The 161st edition of the European Study Groups with Industry took place at ISEL (Lisbon School of Engineering), in Portugal, between the 4th and 9th of September of 2022. This ECMI event was locally organized by a team from the Department of Mathematics of ISEL in direct collaboration with the Portuguese Mathematics Network for Industry and Innovation (PT-MATHS-IN) and accomplished an awaited return to the institution that hosted the first ESGI in Portugal in 2007.

During the week, the 34 participants were organised into three work groups, each of which dedicated to one of the proposed challenges: Fleet management and scheduling (TECMIC); Optimal site positioning (Solvit); Water pressure system reliability (Wikiservice). For more detailed information, visit the event website.

Each group worked actively in the search of solutions for the problems. The fruitful week culminated with the presentation of new ways and methods to tackle the problems, along with their solutions, thus achieving the intended objective: knowledge transfer between the academy and the companies.

Reports of all the work will soon be available through Cambridge Open Engage Platform. You can see some photos of the event here.

Next year the event will head to the north of the country. In 2023 the Portuguese ESGI will be hosted by P.Porto.

We look forward to meeting you there.

Nuno Lopes, ISEL, Portugal

Ricardo Enguiça, ISEL, Portugal