Mathematics Expert in Data Analytics and Machine Learning

A new program has started for graduates at Eötvös Loránd University:

This program is for those, who want to be among the winners of the socio-economic transformations generated by artificial intelligence. It is well-known than those can make the most of the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence who well understand and are able not only to use but also to shape AI technologies. This training of the Institute of Mathematics of Eötvös Loránd University helps not only by providing access to the existing artificial intelligence technologies, but also gives the necessary knowledge and skills to accommodate the artificial intelligence technologies that will be created in the next decade.

The focus of the training is machine learning, its techniques and solutions from the fields of statistics and deep learning, as well as data science and big data. This is complemented by an internationally unique mathematical foundation so that, building on this, students can have a truly deep understanding of machine learning technologies. We are convinced that there is a strong need on the market for experts having deeper mathematical education.

Our program is intended for graduates who have learned the basics of university-level mathematics and who would like to gain deeper knowledge and competencies in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.

The program consists of 60 credits, classified as Fundamental background knowledge (at least 6 credits are needed from this group), Core courses (at least 12 credits) and Special courses (at least 18 credits). A course of about 20-24 contact hours is worth 6 credits – the students are supposed to take 5 such courses on average per semester. The tuition is held weekly on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings and the lectures can also be followed online. The courses are the following (most of the courses are elective, the exceptions are in boldface), their credit value is in brackets:

Graph Theory and Algorithms (6)
Network Science (6)
Basics in Linear Algebra and Numerical Methods (6)
Statistical Learning (6)
Optimisation (6)
Mathematical Modelling Practice (6)
Python for Data Science (6)
Data Mining Models and Algorithms (9)
Data Analysis for Time Series (6)
Advanced Modeling for Big Data and AI (6)
Deep Learning (9)
Project Work (6)
Data Analysis for Time Series (6)
Advanced Modelling for Big Data and AI (6)
Deep Learning (9)
Project Work (6)

The program is in English, so we have quite a few foreign students, mostly graduates from Hungarian universities and/or employees at Hungarian offices of international companies.

The first semester has already started with almost 30 participants. Both the students and the teachers are enthusiastic, so we hope for a good experience that can have an impact on the regular (e.g. MSc) programs in mathematics as well, as some of the courses might be adapted to this program as well.

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