5th Mathematics with Industry Day

Call for participation

Here https://www.kau.se/MIMM-day  you will find  a brief formulation of the 2 industrial problems posed for the 5thMathematics with Industry Day (MiMM Day, Karlstad, Dec. 15, 2021) by the companies tesa SE GMBH (Hamburg, Germany) and Kongsberg AB.

This is an excellent opportunity for us, mathematicians, to address relevant challenging problems coming from real-world applications. You and/or your students are very much welcome to join the teams of problem solvers! This year we will have working teams both face-to-face and online. The problem owners will  be joining their teams during the MiMM Day.

The registration link is https://mimmday2021.axacoair.com.  Please, do register asap if this is of interest.

Contact person (for further details on the event):
Adrian Muntean, prof. dr. habil. 

Researcher profile: https://www.kau.se/forskare/adrian-muntean

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