ECMI2021: Modelling COVID-19 Transmission in Indoor Spaces

ECMI2021 is now just over and it’s time to remind ourselves of a few highlights. The mini-symposium by Katerina Kaouri (Cardiff University) and Ian Griffiths (University of Oxford) on “Modelling COVID-19 Transmission in Indoor Spaces” can now be viewed on the ECMI YouTube channel:

Dimitris Drikakis, “Present and Future of Modelling and Simulation for Airborne Virus Transmission”

Sam Rolland, “Modelling Ozone Disinfection Process for Creating Covid-19 Secure Spaces”

Zechariah Lau, “Modelling Airborne COVID-19 Transmission in Indoor Spaces”

Thomas E. Woolley, “A General Computational Framework for COVID-19 Modelling, With Applications to Testing Varied Interventions in Education Environments”

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