New Bachelor Study Program in Applied Mathematics on Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad

In Serbia, during the last decade, there was a great deal of interest among master students of mathematics to study applied mathematics. Young people realize that applications of mathematics, as well as mathematical modelling, are inevitable in modern industry, technology, financial business, etc., and that makes studies of applied mathematics very attractive. Many of those who love mathematics have been increasingly willing to study it but, at the same time, learn how to use their knowledge of mathematics in solving various real life problems. Master students from all over Serbia have been coming to Novi Sad to study applied mathematics at Department of Mathematics and Informatics. A few years ago, a new master study program Applied Mathematics in Data Science, fully accredited in the English, has been introduced and it attracts not only students from Serbia, but also students from some other countries, mainly from the region.

Noticing that applied mathematics is becoming more popular among the students, a decision to introduce a study program of applied mathematics on bachelor study level has been made. This program has been designed as a modern applied mathematics study program and is an excellent basis for later master studies in applied mathematics or in some other science closely connected to mathematics such as computer science or technical sciences, etc. In the curriculum of the bachelor study program Applied Mathematics there are fundamental mathematical subjects but also many interesting subjects where students, through mathematical modelling learn how to solve real problems. The studies last for 3 years and are worth 180 ECTS. The program has three modules: Data Science and Statistics, Financial Mathematics and Technomathematics. Upon completion of this study program students will be able to communicate with engineers, economists, managers, statisticians, data science experts, etc. The computer science knowledge acquired during the studies ensures the adequate application of modern software necessary in industry, economics, etc. Students in the Data Science and Statistics module, in particular, have many courses where they have the opportunity to develop their programming skills. The Data Science and Statistics  module curriculum is currently the only one in Serbia that offers bachelor students to study Data Science from the mathematical point of view. Regardless of the module, the new studies allow students to gain a solid foundation in mathematics, but also to learn how to efficiently apply mathematics in the chosen field. 

Department of Mathematics and Informatics in Novi Sad is welcoming first students in the new bachelor study program Applied Mathematics in October 2020.