The new Data Science Research Center at University of Milan

We are happy to announce the birth of the Data Science Research Center, a new coordinated research center of Università degli Studi di Milano.
The primary objective of the Data Science Research Center (DSRC) is to integrate the competences and research activities in computer science, statistics and mathematics of the University of Milan in the direction of an innovative and modern approach to intelligent processes based on the analysis of large amounts of heterogeneous data. In particular, the purpose of the DSRC is the promotion of the centrality of Data Science as a common and unifying approach to the cultural, scientific and social challenges of the coming years.

For these reasons the DSRC intends to involve the very rich disciplinary variety of UNIMI, from social sciences to the humanities, from life sciences to medicine, with a specific attention to the issues of security, confidentiality and ethical processing of data.

The DSRC actively promotes interdisciplinary research activities where the storage, management, and analysis of data are crucial and require high qualified scientific competence. One of the main goals of the center is the promotion of the data science in the society and on the territory; to this end, several collaborations are already active with public and private institutions as well as with companies with the goal of supporting research and training personnel. It is also a primary interest of the DSRC to actively contribute to a broad dissemination of research results and scientific achievements in order to promote a critical and conscious attitude of the society towards the increasingly pervasive spread of methods, tools and technologies based on data. Through its members, the DSRC maintains a wide network of international collaborations, both in the context of funded research projects and by means of a constant collaboration with the international scientific community. The DSRC participates actively in the main events and conferences in the context of data science.
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