The ECMI Model Master at Sofia University – a student’s perspective

Written by Alexander Manov and Zdravka Nedylakova, students at the MSc Program “Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling” at Sofia University

If one is looking for capturing the insight of mathematical modeling and computational mathematics, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski Masters’ programme is a great beginning of his/her journey.  The masters’ programme  spans both theoretical and practical courses in the field of numerical mathematics from Numerical Integration and Theory of the method of finite elements to workshops, seminars and practicums on mathematical modeling. In the latter courses the students are able to exercise everything that they have learned during their studies by working on different applied real problems such as ones in neurology, population dynamics, genetics, drop shape analysis, computer tomography and many more. Further the students can choose their own applied problems to work on with the help of the professors in the Department (by any means necessary).

One of the main focuses of the programme is to teach the students to work both in groups and separately on different projects and to successfully present their scientific results. The latter is achieved by the participation in various practicums, seminars, workshops and conferences.

When enrolling in the programme there are only few courses that are mandatory – the theoretical basics of numerical methods and Mathematical Modelling Seminar, in which people from different fields of mathematics from professors to CEO of firms come to present problems in their fields of expertise. At the end of each presentation they propose future problem(s) for the students to work on if they wish. During the semester the students are required to present their results from the chosen projects. Other than that students are completely free to choose their other courses.

Personally, the programme gave us a lot of opportunities to work with different people and on various problems, expanded our scientific insight and developed our ability to work on new projects in unknown fields. Further, the participation of the Department in ECMI gave us the opportunity to work with international students and formed connections in many fields of industrial mathematics.

As a conclusion, if you want to go through an adventure in the world of mathematics than our master’s programme is the perfect beginning for you.

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