Ulam Computer Simulations Workshop – 2017 Lviv, Ukraine, June 21-24



In 2017, 70 years will elapse from the invention of the Monte Carlo method – one of the greatest numerical algorithms to solve the problems in various fields of physical and life sciences, engineering, finance, statistics, mathematics, etc. One of the key figures in this invention was Stan (Stanislaw) Ulam (1909-1984). Stan Ulam was born in Lviv (Lemberg), at that time the capital city of province Galicia in Austro-Hungarian Empire, while when he graduated from the local Polytechnic University in 1930, the city of Lwów belonged to Poland. Nowadays, Lviv is an important educational and scientific center of Western Ukraine with its “Ensemble of the Historic Centre” enlisted among the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

On the occasion of this anniversary there will be held in Lviv the Ulam Computer Simulations (UCS) workshop on challenges and opportunities in molecular simulations. The aim of this first UCS Workshop is twofold. First of all, we are looking forward to paying tribute to the legacy of Ulam for his pioneering contribution to the development of the field of computer simulations. Secondly, we wish to bring together leading researchers on computer simulations of soft matter and to offer the young researchers and graduate students an in-depth review of the most recent developments in the field that poses many challenges nowadays.

The UCS workshop will take place from the 21st to 24th June, 2017 with the first day (June 21st) as the arrival day and opening in the late afternoon; the second and the third days will be fully working days (10 plenary lectures, 24 short communications and one poster session) with free evening on June 22nd, workshop banquet on June 23rd, and participant’s departure during the fourth day (June 24th). During the first and fourth days the City sightseeing tours will be organized by adjusting to the arrival and departure time of participants.

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