Visit Limerick June 12-16th 2017!

The MACSI organising committee would like to welcome you to the University of Limerick for the 128th European Study Group with Industry to be held in Ireland from June 12-16th 2017.


The European Study Groups with Industry (ESGI) are Europe’s leading example of what open innovation can achieve when industry and academia work together towards a common goal. These problem-solving workshops provide a unique opportunity for industry and internationally-renowned mathematicians and scientists to collaborate intensively on problems of direct industrial relevance.

We hope to have 6-problems in a wide variety of areas including raw materials and semiconductor industries.

There will be intensive working sessions throughout the week with presentations of recommendations on the Friday morning. A report of progress on each problem will be provided to the companies involved after the meeting.

The Programme for the ESGI128 coming soon

Register here

Other events taking place in UL in 2017 include an event in collaboration with the ECMI SIG: Math for the Digital Factory in December 2017 and a website will be launched soon.

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