Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Science University of Novi Sad

University of Novi Sad is the second largest university in Serbia. It consists of 14 faculties located in Novi Sad, Sombor, Subotica and Zrenjanin. Faculty of Sciences consists of 5 departments and the Department of Mathematics and Informatics is one of these five.

The Department of Mathematics and Informatics is organized in 10 chairs (7 mathematics and 3 computer science). Study programs at bachelor, master and PhD level are offered.

The different options for students in MSc studies in math include Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Teaching.

The MSc programme in Applied Mathematics is organized along the ECMI guidelines, starting from the Tempus project in 2003 when the cooperation with ECMI was established. It includes two branches – technomath and economath with the usual offering of modelling courses, topics in minor discipline (economy and finance or engineering related) and requires students to produce master thesis with real world applications. With this programme, the Department is in the process of recognition as an ECMI center.

Research at DMI is organized through 8 nationally financed research projects that involves most of the staff members. Furthermore, the Center for Mathematical Research of Nonlinear Phenomena is recognized as the only center of excellence in mathematics by the government and is financed additionally as a research unit. The SCALA center (Scientific Computing and Applied Linear Algebra) is also functioning as a research unit. Two research laboratories in computer science, Information systems Development Laboratory and Innovative Center for Digital Library and Archives are also part of DMI. The Department also participates in several international projects. Interdisciplinary cooperation exists with the research institutes at UNS like Biosense (, Institute of Physics in Belgrade (, at different departments at UNS (pharmacy, telecommunications, geography, biochemistry etc). Part of the research is industry oriented, mainly in the areas of financial mathematics – algorithmic trading in particular, risk analysis, big data and high performance computing and statistical methods. DMI is one of the 8 founding departments that form the university Center for Applied Statistics.

DMI is active in knowledge transfer as well. Since 2008, in cooperation with National Bank of Serbia which is the regulatory body for insurance industry, it provides education for international actuarial exams. A number of risk management courses is organized with Center for International Finance, Belgrade for local banks and companies. Econometrics and statistical courses are also organized for non-academic participants.