Boundary Conditions for thermal Lattice Boltzmann simulations

My name is Friedemann Klaß and I am a PhD student in the Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis (AMNA) working group of the University of Wuppertal, where I also graduated from with a master‘s degree in mathematics and a minor in computer science. In my master‘s thesis, I studied boundary […]

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Mobility in Europe – Perspectives from EU’s Marie Curie Programme

Dr. Alessandro Gabbana (29) currently holds a post-doc position in the group of computational theoretical physics lead by Prof. Raffaele Tripiccione, at University of Ferrara (Italy). Alessandro’s research focuses in the field of relativistic hydrodynamics and in particular in the development of efficient numerical methods, which find application both at […]

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European Joint Doctorate Network on High Performance Computing

ECMI node Wuppertal joins the Horizon 2020 European Joint Doctorate Network  HPC-LEAP: High Performance Computing in Life Sciences, Engineering And Physics (04/2015 — 03/2019), coordinated by the Cyprus Institute. Main Objectives of HPC-LEAP Provide a rigorous research program, which is interdisciplinary and at the same time has the required depth, […]

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