European Summer School in Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Crime and Image Processing

In this summer school we focus on the mathematical topics of crime and image processing which currently attract a lot of attention both from mathematical research and from real-world applications, but where these two sides are rarely taught together.

The summer school will combine a traditional research school that introduces the participants to mathematical topics, theory and techniques of current interest with a typical modelling week, where the participants will apply these techniques to specific real-world problems. These problems will be investigated by the participants in small teams during several days of hands-on group work.

Two types of techniques will be taught for each topic, one based on partial differential equations (PDEs) and the other on a discrete approach such as networks.  These techniques involve data modelling and processing, which are rapidly growing in their importance for industrial and applied mathematics. The real-world problems will be chosen to allow for the application and combination of both types of techniques.

The intention is to provide the participants with a working knowledge of multiple approaches and an understanding of how they can be combined to address complex modelling problems in multiple application areas.

Due to the intensive group supervision requirement in the project phase, the research school is limited to about 30 participants, which are split into groups with 5-6 members for each case study project. The lectures and practicals are held entirely as single session events so that the participants are exposed to all application areas and techniques.


The European Mathematical Society
The Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

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       Lecturers and lecture titles

  • Andrea Bertozzi (Department of Mathematics, UCLA, USA): Mathematics of Crime
  • Mason Porter (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK): Topics in Network Science
  • Gabriel Peyré (CEREMADE, Université Paris-Dauphine, France): Wavelets and sparse regularization of inverse problems in imaging
  • Carola Schönlieb (DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK): Variational methods and PDEs for biomedical imaging

        Time and place

The school will be held between July 4th – July 8th, 2016, at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford (UK).

Deadline for applications is May 2nd 2016. Information for how to apply can be found at
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