SFB Tomography across the scales: Adaptive optics in ophthalmic imaging

by Günter Auzinger, JKU Linz Ophthalmoscopes are medical devices for non-invasive diagnostic investigation of the human eye. Especially the retina including cone and rod photoreceptor cells as well as blood vessels and nerve fibers, is of interest for early diagnosis of various diseases. The retina is scanned by a weak […]

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Michael Liebrecht to speak at NUMIFORM 2019

by Andreas Binder, MathConsult GmbH, Linz Michael Liebrecht will present our results on the modelling and simulation of leveling machines at NUMIFORM 2019 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. (see the abstract below). These were obtained jointly with voestalpine Grobblech. Process Model for the Industrial Plate Leveling Operation with Special Emphasis on […]

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Yet another winning talent!

by Elisabeth Hager, JKU Linz, Austria Every year in spring, the Austrian research funding organization (in German “FFG – Forschungsförderungs-gesellschaft” awards the best 20 “young talents” out of 1500 high school students who did an internship in various companies and scientific research institutions for four weeks during the summer before. […]

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Department of Cybernetics of Tallinn University of Technology – new member of ECMI

Department of Cybernetics is a structural unit of School of Science of Tallinn University of Technology. It is a successor of Institute of Cybernetics of Estonian Academy of Sciences founded in 1960.  This institute performed study in fields of mathematics, mechanics, control theory and computer science. In 1997 the institute […]

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AMIES – French network of mathematics for industry and society – is renewed by the French government for the period 2020 – 2024

AMIES is a founding member of Eu-Maths-In. Since 2011, AMIES has set programs in order to develop relationships between academic math departments and companies in France, with a particular focus on SMEs. More than 120 innovative research projects – PEPS – in collaboration with a company have been co-funded by […]

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12 PhD positions in Parameter Identification

Research Training Group 2224 “π3: Parameter Identification – Analysis, Algorithms, Applications” This research training group at the University of Bremen, funded by the German Science Foundation DFG, invites applications for 12 PhD positions (A297/18) German federal employee scale TV-L E13, 75% of a full position, for 3 years, starting October […]

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