Multirate DAE-Simulation and its Application in System Simulation Software for the Development of Electric Vehicles

new accepted paper by Michael Kolmbauer, Günter Offner, Ralf Uwe Pfau, and Bernhard Pöchtrager Abstract This work is devoted to the efficient simulation of large multi-physicalnetworks stemming from automated modeling processes in system simulation soft-ware. The simulation of hybrid, battery and fuel cell electric vehicle applications re-quires the coupling of […]

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Building research capacity and interface to applications in Mathematics in the Eastern Africa region

A minisymposium of this subject matter was organized at ECMI2021. A longer article by the 6 speakers is being prepared, this is an introduction and extended abstract. There are good reasons for increasing collaboration between ECMI and Africa. Apart from a few locations industrial mathematics in Africa is rare and […]

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