Current and Upcoming Vacancies at MACSI

University of Limerick aerial shot

PhD Prof Michael Vynnycky is recruiting for a PhD student in the area of solvent infiltration and swelling in granule and tablet dissolution More info here The SFI Centre for Research Training is currently open to applications  for PhDs in the area of statistics, applied mathematics and machine learning. […]

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MathTech workshop in Poland

On 4.12.2020, the first MathTech Workshop on Mathematical Technologies for Industry was held in Poland. It was organized by the PL-MATH-IN network as a satellite event of the annual EU-MATH-IN Council Meeting. Originally, the workshop was planned to be held at the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of […]

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The UK Graduate Modelling Camp 2020: A Student’s Perspective

By Ed Donlon The UK Graduate Modelling Camp ( took place from 15-17 July 2020 under slightly unusual circumstances, as the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated online-only attendance, rather than the usual in-person experience. Nevertheless, the camp was undoubtedly a huge success, thanks in no small part to the fantastic work put […]

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Local defect detection in bearings in the presence of impulsive noise and spectral overlapping of informative and non-informative impulses

Predictive maintenance has been pointed out as one of the key elements of industry 4.0 philosophy. Measurement of diagnostic signals and advanced analytics allow to detect damage, identify its type, localize it in the machine, and even make some prognosis of remaining life. The efficiency of diagnostic procedures depends on […]

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Using mathematics to optimise the performance of filtration membranes

By Victoria Pereira Membrane filtration is a process used for the clarification, purification, and separation of fluid mixtures. In a typical filtration system, a mixture of fluid and contaminant particles is passed through a porous membrane; the fluid passes through while the particles are retained, either on the surface of […]

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Relaxation-oscillations in a conceptual climate model

Conceptual climate models are relatively simple mathematical constructs that can capture essential features of the nonlinear nature of the climate. They usually focus only on several ingredients of the physical description and model their interplay. As can be easily noticed, due to their simplicity, they cannot be used as computation […]

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Improved privacy in the norwegian contact tracing app

In a chaotic, pandemic-ridden 2020, we have seen governments, academia and industry rushing to introduce a number of smartphone-based contact tracing solutions. The goal of these apps is to reduce the time it takes between someone testing positive to when their close contacts are notified, in addition to reaching out […]

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Upcoming virtual ECMI 2021 Conference

The ECMI 2021 conference will be held as an online conference hosted by the Bergische Universität Wuppertal from April 13th to April 15th 2021. The traditional elements of a biennial ECMI conference such as plenary lectures, an Anile prize lecture, a Wacker prize lecture, lectures within minisymposia as well as […]

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PhD Vacancy: Solvent infiltration and swelling in granule and tablet dissolution

Project Title: Solvent infiltration and swelling in granule and tablet dissolution Project Supervisor: Professor Michael Vynnycky, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Limerick Project location: MACSI, University of Limerick Start date: before 1st June 2021 The objective of the project is to derive and validate novel, first-principles mathematical models which […]

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