Basque Center for Applied Mathematics – BCAM offers one Postdoctoral Fellowship position and three Reseach Tecnician positions

  • Research Technician in machine learning and applications – IA4TESBasque Center for Applied Mathematics is offering a Research Technician to work in Machine Learning and applications. The researcher will join the Machine Learning research line to work with Dr. Santiago Mazuelas. This contract will be funded by “IA4TES – Inteligencia Artifical para la Transición Energética Sostenible” project. 
    Deadline for applications: 10 September 2022, Saturday.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Atomistic Simulation of Steels in Hydrogen – Rich Environments: This work is framed within the Basque government funded Elkartek project M-KONTAK, in which several agents of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network (including BCAM) are involved. The purpose of M-KONTAK is the development of a multi-scale modelling methodology to fundamentally understand the behavior of steels in hydrogen-rich environments. In BCAM, we will be focusing on the atomistic modelling of Hydrogen-induced embrittlement (HE), which can significantly reduce the ductility and load-bearing capacity and cause cracking and catastrophic brittle failures at stresses below the yield stress.
    The postdoctoral fellow will combine density functional theory with kinetic Monte Carlo and/or Molecular Dynamics to simulate hydrogen diffusion at steel grain boundaries, with the aim of extracting kinetic and thermodynamic parameters that can be employed by our partners in continuous phase field models to understand the influence of morphology, temperature, and composition on HE at a microscopic scale.
    Deadline for applications: 30 September 2022, Friday.
  • Research Technician for the Atomistic Simulation of Interfaces in Battery Materials: This work will be focusing on the atomistic modelling of electrode/electrolyte interfaces in lithium-ion batteries, employing reactive force fields. The researcher will set up and run simulations in LAMMPS, generate scripts for the post-processing of simulation trajectories and analyse and document his/her results.
    Deadline for applications: 30 September 2022, Friday.
  • Research Technician on metaheuristic optimization of solid state materials: We have recently developed a novel metaheuristic methodology for optimizing the distribution of atoms and vacancies in solid-state materials. Our approach is currently programmed in the package Julia and has been tested in the solid-state electrolyte LLZO.
    The researcher will rewrite/reformat the code, as well as write a manual to share it with the wider community. He/she will also investigate the optimal set of parameters to maximize the algorithm’s performance, and work on the implementation of additional features.
    Deadline for applications: 30 September 2022, Friday.

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