Job vacancy for a full-time contract as researcher of a research project in the framework of the SIMPSEG project

Project: PC Simulation of Metal Powder Segregation in manufacturing of cored wire – SIMPSEG


DESCRIPTION OF JOB POSITION: 1 full-time contract as researcher for a research project, in the framework of the SIMPSEG project, granted in the cascade funding FF4EuroHPC Call-2 of the FF4EUROHPC: HPC innovation for european SMES project, which is funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 framework programme (

FF4EuroHPC project has received funding from the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement No 951745”.

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Dra. Elena B. Martín Ortega, Full Associated Professor in Fluid Mechanics at University of Vigo and affiliated researcher to CITMAga.

CANDIDATES PROFILE: PhD related to Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, and Computing.


*     Training and general experience to be assessed (40 points, all contributions must be documented).

o   Academic transcript of the degree or bachelor´s degree, engineering, master´s degree.

o   Affinity of the doctoral thesis with the topic of the project.

o   Affinity of the qualifications of the candidate with the fields of Industrial Mathematics.

o   Previous experience in mathematical modelling, numerical simulation, optimization and control, and in the implementation and computer validation of algorithms and numerical methods.

o   Previous experience in mathematical modelling and numerical simulation related to the topic of the project.

o   Experience in the execution of numerical models in HPC

o   English proficiency.

*     Knowledge and additional and specific experience to be assessed (30 points, all contributions must be documented).

At the time of assessing the submitted applications, experience in some of the following fields related to the research areas of the Project will also be taken into account, but it is not necessary to have experience in all of them: 

o   Knowledge of discrete element method (DEM/DPM) to simulate parameterized models of solid granular systems.

o   Advanced knowledge and previous experience in the use of programming languages (C++, Matlab, Python, etc.).

o   Previous experience in the use of numerical simulation open-source software (LIGGGHTS, MercuryDPM, OpenFoam).

o   Experience in the use of software in Linux environments.

o   Previous professional experience related to the theme of the project.

*     Personal interview and letters of recommendation (30 points).

Candidates achieving the best assessments according to the above criteria will be called to a personal interview and a test related to the functions of the position. In this third phase, the letters of recommendation that arrive for the candidate will be taken into account; only three letters of recommendation per candidate will be accepted, which must be sent directly by the person issuing the report and not the candidate himself. At least the three best rated candidates will be interviewed and between the two previous sections have reached at least 35 points.


*     Gross monthly salary: 2.315,14 € in 12 payments.

*     Planned start date: the day following the resolution of the contract award.[1]

*     Duration and estimated date end of planned work: 15 months.[2]

*     Full-time position.

WORKPLACE: Centro de Investigación y tecnología Matemática de Galicia (CITMAga), Campus Lagoas-Marcosende, Vigo (Pontevedra).


People interested in this contract must send their applications before March 15th, 2022, 23:59 Spanish official time. Application should include (in English, Spanish or Galician) a cover letter summarizing the applicant´s career (general training and experience to be assessed, as well as additional merits referred to in the call), a curriculum (with mobile phone and email), and the academic tittle and transcript of degree, master and PhD; the “work life” (which proves the professional merits that appear in the curriculum vitae); and the accreditation of all the merits provided in the sections “Merits and requirements to be assessed” (English certificates and others). Letters of recommendation will only be accepted if they are sent directly by the person reporting (and not the candidate).  All documentation must be sent to the following email address: indicating the job vacancy reference CITMAga-OT-07/2022. The receipt of requests will be confirmed by email.  Candidates who are invited to the interview phase must provide original documentation of the merits provided.

FURTHER INFORMATION : CALL (attached) and in this webpage:

Job Offer english version

Job Offer spanish version

Job Offer galician version

[1] The planned start date could be modified depending on the date of resolution of the contract award. The contract will become in force at the same time that the service enters in effect.

[2] The duration of the contract could be modified depending on the date of resolution of the contract award and the duration of the research activity/project. Contract linked to a project funded by European Funds.


Edif. IIT, planta -1, Rúa de Constantino Candeira, s/n. 15782 Campus Vida, Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN