New Bridges between Mathematics and Data Science (November 8-11, 2021)

Members of the Spanish Network Mathematics-Industry (math-in®) are coordinating several mini-symposia within the framework of the Workshop “New Bridges between Mathematics and Data Science” organized by the Strategic Mathematics Network (REM). This week-long Workshop, November 8-11, 2021, will be held in Valladolid. It aims to bring together researchers in mathematics, machine learning and data science, to exchange ideas and advance in building new bridges between these fields and make visible the work already done.

The Workshop will be structured around five plenary sessions by leading international scientists. In addition to a large number (30) of thematic mini-symposia structured in six different themes:

I.           High dimensional statistics

II.          Optimization

III.         Approximation

IV.        Numerical analysis.

V.          Statistical analysis of complex data.

VI.         Industrial applications   

Several of these mini-symposia are coordinated by Emilio Carrizosa, President of math-in, and José Luis Ferrín, member of math-in Executive Board.

It is worth mentioning the participation of the company REGANOSA, member of PET MSO-ED, in its MS14.

Three round tables will also be organized, addressing the points of view of the research community, of funding agencies and policymakers, and the point of view of industry. The President of PET MSO-ED, Peregrina Quintela, will moderate the latter.

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