Kickoff of the Special Interest Group on Modeling, Simulation and Optimization in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is an important technology for many recent societal and industrial developments. It includes the investigation and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. For example, smartphones are using semiconductors based on nanometer technology for processing data. At the same time they are connected to the internet through antennas for exchanging data with cell towers which are tens of kilometers away. More generally, equipment for mobile communication is used to control many other applications, e.g.~in health care, banking, security, autonomous driving or energy distribution. Particularly, the transition towards sustainable energy requires the improvement of electrical infrastructure, again, from small scale, e.g. household devices, electric machines, up to power grids.

The Special Interest Group MSOEE (Modeling, Simulation and Optimization in Electrical Engineering) brings together mathematicians, simulation engineers and practitioners from academia and industry. The group has agreed on a broad understanding of the application field: it includes circuit simulation, computational electromagnetism (from low to high frequencies, up to optics), electrochemistry, material science with focus on semiconductors and plasma physics. Current methodological research is carried out on modeling with differential equations, model order reduction, multiscale and multirate methods, structure preservation and uncertainty quantification.


Group picture from the MSOEE kickoff meeting at WIAS organized by Nella Rotundo, Patricio Farrell and Dirk Peschka.

The special interest group MSOEE was established in 2018. Its roots can be traced back to 1997 where Michael Günther and Ralf Hiptmair founded a first group on Scientific Computing in Electronic Industry (ECMI SIG SCEI). The new SIG met first in January 2019 during a kickoff meeting at the Weierstrass Institute (WIAS) in Berlin which was organized by Nella Rotundo, Patricio Farrell and Dirk Peschka. The next event is a multi-session minisymposium at ICIAM 2019.

The interest group is about to organize a joint European research network with one focus on machine learning in modelling, simulation and optimization of electrical engineering applications. If you are interested, please contact us and consider becoming a member by subscribing to the mailing list:

Stefan Kurz and Sebastian Schöps
Technische Universität Darmstadt and Robert Bosch GmbH

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