Coming to Linz…not such an Inverse Idea

My name is Kemal Raik and I am currently working on the FWF funded project on nonlinear heuristic regularisation for astronomical imaging at the Industrial Mathematics Institute in the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

I am originally from London in the United Kingdom and did my bachelor studies in Aberdeen and then went on to attain my master’s degree from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Incidentally, my master’s thesis was on solving the inverse scattering problem for the Schroedinger equation (with applications in seismic imaging). I subsequently wanted to continue research in the direction of inverse problems and the Johannes Kepler University Linz, being a world renowned institution in this field, boasting alumni such as Heinz Engl and Andreas Neubauer among others, was therefore a natural choice.

The aforementioned cities of Aberdeen and Utrecht are smaller and more compact cities than say London and for that matter, Vienna. In my opinion, such cities make for superior student abodes than their sprawling counterparts. Linz, incidentally, fit very much into this mould. Additionally, Linz lies on the northern periphery of the eastern Alpine mountain range and is centrally located in Europe with good connections to nearby metropolitan hubs, thus catering for convenient getaways during one’s free time.