New European Joint Doctorate Network STIMULATE, Application deadline February 28th, 2018


Wuppertal is partner of a newly established Horizon2020 European Joint Doctorate Network entitled EJD STIMULATE, coordinated by the Cyprus Institute, that will run for the next 4 years offering triple joint degrees for the PhD Fellows, see Home page EJD STIMULATE. STIMULATE stands for: SimulaTIon in MUltiscaLe physicAl and biological sysTEms.

Simulation alongside theory and experiment is nowadays considered an integral part of scientific discovery. As computation speeds up and new technologies and instruments improve, data generation in all fields of science is rapidly increasing. As a consequence, researchers face new challenges: Data collection exceeds by far the capacity to validate, analyze, visualize, store, and curate the information contained.

Additionally, traditional, single-scale, macroscopic physical models are becoming inadequate for the accuracy requirements of modern physical, biological and engineering applications that involve multiscale phenomena occurring over vastly different scales. Tackling these challenges will transform our approach to research potentially leading to unprecedented data-driven scientific discoveries.

The overall goal of STIMULATE is to deliver an innovative interdisciplinary educational and research program in simulation and data science, which educates students to best address the challenges posed by exascale computing and intensive data applications, producing computational science professionals tactically positioned to become leaders in both academia and industry.

The project proposes a rigorous network-wide training program and research projects that combine mathematical modeling and algorithms for exascale simulations and data-intensive science with applications in the fields of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Biology and Particle and Nuclear Physics with focus in lattice Quantum Chromodynamics. Students will be seconded to industrial partners that will complement expertise in computer technologies, mathematical modeling and data analytics with hands-on training. Experts from eight degree-awarding institutions, three research centers and three companies are engaged in the project. Each of the 15 fellows of the program will obtain a single joint Ph.D. degree from 3 academic institutions.

The STIMULATE consortium includes 7 public universities and one non-profit private research institute who will give joint triple degrees. In addition, 3 academic, non-profit research organizations, and three non-academic private companies, namely MAGWEL, IBM-Zurich and NVIDIA will complement the training of the PhD fellows providing secondments and contributing to the workshops and lectures.stimulate_poster


STIMULATE now accept applications for Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD Fellowships. The deadline is now postponed until February 28th, 2018; Applications will be accepted until positions are filled. The expected starting date is September, 2018 with a 3 years contract. Apply now! STIMULATE Application Form