Computational modelling projects at CEID in Lappeenranta

The Centre of Computational Engineering and Integrated Design (CEID) supports LUT’s strategy in the areas of scientific computing and industrial process modelling. CEID operates under the LUT School of Engineering Science. The purpose is to conduct high level research in scientific computing and integrated design, and to promote co-operation between various laboratories and research groups at LUT as well as their networking with Finnish and foreign research groups.

CEID also aims to collaborate closely with industry. Companies can join the centre as a member. The membership offers several benefits: consultancy day, real-life modelling problems from member companies can be included in modelling courses, easy access to get in touch with diploma candidates and doctoral thesis projects.

Besides the annual CEID seminar, the centre organises different events related to scientific computing. Last year, Finnish OpenFoam user day was organised together with CSC – IT center for science. The centre participated in organising the European Study Group With Industry ESGI 112. This year CEID participated also in ESGI 123 in St

An example of the CEID-projects is depicted in the picture: Dispersion water chamber, a part of AF-Float [1] dissolved air flotation unit, was studied by means of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling. The water flow was modeled by solving Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations employing RNG k-ℰ model to resolve turbulent characteristics of the flow.  To predict the evolution of the size distribution of the dissolved air bubbles, population balance equation coupled with the multiphase flow computations was solved by simulating coalescence and breakup of the bubbles. The performed CFD analysis provided useful information on the flow features to improve the performance of the system.


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