Mathematics meets industry: what can you do with a PhD?

A conference for mathematics and industry in Trondheim, Norway.

Math meets Industry

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As a result of the evaluation of mathematics in Norwegian universities held in 2011 and organised by the Research Council of Norway (RCN), a potential for strengthening the contacts between mathematics and industry emerged. The “Math meets industry” conference, funded by the RCN and ECMI, is one of the measures for increasing math and industry links. This event is the first of this kind in Norway, and is inspired by a number of similar events organised by many other ECMI member institutions in Europe. We want to bring together PhD students and faculty members from Norwegian Math departments with industry representatives for a unique blend of exciting events: a Math Slam for PhD and master students, a partnering event of mathematics and industry, a session on funding opportunities,  a session on math education and a list of  keynote lectures highlighting challenges and success stories in collaboration between math and industry. Through this event, the Norwegian academic institutions will receive valuable input from Norwegian industry regarding the education of future experts and PhDs within the mathematical sciences. The brightest young Norwegian mathematicians will participate and will be interested in learning about career opportunities in the Norwegian private sector.

Jo Røislien, the most famous Math populariser in Norway, will lead the Math Slam. Mathematics is the language of science, and yet mathematics is frowned upon on our society. The impact of mathematics on technology and society depends upon our abilities to explain it to a larger public. We invite PhD students to present their research in 5 minutes – no equations allowed!

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  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU
  • Norwegian network of mathematics for Industry and Innovation, NorMathsIn
  • European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry, ECMI
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