Waves and Nonlinear Phenomena

(by Helge Holden, Professor at NTNU) The Department of Mathematical Sciences at NTNU was happy to receive in 2016 one of the “Toppforsk” (Excellence) grants from the Research Council of Norway. Fiercely competitive, these grants are given to smaller groups across all sciences for a period of 5 years. The grant – Waves and Nonlinear […]

Lectureships in Applied Maths

Great opportunity to join the University of Bath, UK, as a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in Applied Maths https://www.bath.ac.uk/jobs/Vacancy.aspx?ref=HR4263 … Deadline 10 October.

Cryptography and cyber-security at NTNU and the mathematics of electronic elections.

(by Kristian Gjøsteen, Professor at NTNU) Cryptography as a practice is very old, dating back at least 2000 years. The birth of modern cryptography can reasonably be set to 1976, when Diffie and Hellman published their seminal paper «New directions in cryptography» containing the first protocol to allow Alice and Bob to communicate securely without first […]

MASTMO: Mathematical and Statistical Modelling at Hawassa, Ethiopia.

(by Harald Krogstad, Professor emeritus at NTNU) Ten years have passed since a former Ethiopian PhD student at NTNU, now professor Ayele Taye at Hawassa University (HU) in southern Ethiopia, inquired his NTNU supervisor, professor Henning Omre about exporting NTNU’s master programme in industrial mathematics to HU. A feasibility study came out positive and the […]

The ECMI node at NTNU.

(by Anne Kværnø, Professor at NTNU) The Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) was founded in 1910, and it was located in Trondheim. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) was established in 1996, when NTH merged with the College of Arts and Sciences (AVH), the Medical School, and the Science Museum. In 2016 NTNU merged again, with […]

Funding mathematical research in Norway and at NTNU

(by Brynjulf Owren, Professor at NTNU) There are currently no research programmes of the  Research Council  of Norway (RCN) dedicated to mathematical research. In earlier times there have been two such programmes, BeMatA and EvitA but they both had a focus on applied mathematics. Norwegian mathematicians can apply for funding from a general programme called […]

Mathematics meets industry: what can you do with a PhD?

A conference for mathematics and industry in Trondheim, Norway. Math meets industry webpage As a result of the evaluation of mathematics in Norwegian universities held in 2011 and organised by the Research Council of Norway (RCN), a potential for strengthening the contacts between mathematics and industry emerged. The “Math meets industry” conference, funded by the […]