Decreasing the waiting times for ambulatory surgery through a refusal prediction modelling

The goal of this collaboration between mathematicians and a healthcare centre is to reduce the number of patients that are refused by the surgery/anaesthesia team after being referred for ambulatory surgery by the general practitioner. These events lead to a significant delay on the surgery time for each refused patient, […]

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Maths-Enterprises Study Group (MESG) in Strasbourg

The Maths-Enterprises Study Group (MESG) in France aims to create exchanges between companies and math junior researchers through a week of work on industrial problems requiring innovative mathematical approaches. There is a MESG every three to five months in France. These events are sponsored by the Agency for Mathematics in […]

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The Era of Mathematics – Review Findings on Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences Published

A new report was launched recently at the House of Lords; the Era of Mathematics – an Independent Review of Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematics “We live in the era of mathematics. Its influence permeates economic and social activity and its influence and impact are profound. Yet its role is not […]

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