Call for Papers – Kaiserslautern Applied and Industrial Mathematics Days 2023

The second edition of the Kaiserslautern Applied and Industrial Mathematics Days – KLAIM will take place in Kaiserslautern, Germany, from September 25th-27th, 2023.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum for applied mathematicians from aca-demia, research labs and industry to exchange ideas and to showcase recent results. After the successful start of this new conference series in 2021, we continue this year with the second edition of KLAIM, putting emphasis on the Synthesis of Models and Data.

This thematic focus addresses in particular the combination of model-based approaches and data-driven techniques, leading thus to hybrid learning frameworks. The workshop is hosted jointly by the Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM and the Department of Mathematics at the Rheinland-Pfälzische Universität Kaiserslautern-Landau (RPTU).

The program will be structured along the five tracks:
1. Models and Data across Scales and Domains in Engineering Applications.This track is in collaboration with the ECMI Special Interest Group »Math for the Digital Factory«.
2. Risk Management and Machine Learning
3. Simulation and Optimization in Fluid Dynamics
4. Mathematical Programming: Uncertain Data and Multiple Objectives
5. Analyzing Materials Structures: Images, Machine Learning and Stochastic Geometry
Besides we plan a special session about mathematical research data.


Registration is now open. We invite prospective speakers to submit a one-page abstract to one of the above five tracks. Please follow the instructions at the website below for registration and submission procedure.

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