Statement from the ECMI board members on the Ukraine invasion

We, as members of the board of the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry, join the International Mathematical Union, the European Mathematical Society, and the German Faculties of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in their deep concern about the ongoing millitary attack on the free nation Ukraine.

This attack has been ordered by the current Russian government and demonstrates a brutal and primitive mindset of those who should know better, coming at a time when mankind needs to address major shared problems, like climate change and protection from pandemics.

ECMI was born more than 30 years ago from a genuine collaboration of scientists coming from all over Europe, and its activities have developed thanks to the contribution of colleagues, that we could better call friends, coming from the entire ‘geographical Europe’, including Russia and Ukraine.

Clearly in presence of a war, scientific and technical progress will be disrupted, either by the destruction of infrastructure or by political and economic isolation.

As an international community, all scientists should cooperate to end not only this attack, but to reduce the chances of further wars.

The ECMI Board, in agreement with the Council, will soon discuss additional measures to be taken as a consequence of the present situation.

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