PhD Vacancy: Solvent infiltration and swelling in granule and tablet dissolution

Project Title: Solvent infiltration and swelling in granule and tablet dissolution

Project Supervisor: Professor Michael Vynnycky, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Limerick

Project location: MACSI, University of Limerick

Start date: before 1st June 2021

The objective of the project is to derive and validate novel, first-principles mathematical models which describe solvent infiltration and swelling during tablet and granule dissolution. Such models are notably still lacking in the literature, resulting in a limited understanding of the dominant mechanisms during dissolution; thus far, infiltration is often assumed to be complete before drug dissolution starts, and swelling is typically neglected completely. The models to be derived will be deterministic in nature, consisting of a system of non-linear partial differential equations that describe the highly coupled multiphysical phenomena which are believed to be at play: infiltration and swelling are, respectively, fluid- and solid mechanical features that underlie the reaction-diffusion mechanisms associated with dissolution. In the first instance, the models will be analysed using asymptotic methods in order to establish qualitative trends, but also solved numerically with the finite-element software Comsol Multiphysics. This will, in turn, generate fundamental parameter dependent scaling laws and correlations that will find use as a part of add-on modules in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of drug delivery; a likely platform for this could be, but is not limited to, the software of new SSPC partner, M-Star CFD.


To apply send a 2 page CV include; your name, education institution, qualification stating overall grade/percentage, predicted grades are acceptable for those still studying via email to

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