A student’s view on the ECMI MSc. program

Written by Maria Zarcheva, student at the MSc Program “Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling” at Sofia University.

As a bachelor in Software Engineering, I can appreciate the Master’s program from two perspectives. Firstly, because of the theoretical courses in the program, capturing the foundations of mathematical modelling, I was able to learn very important mathematical concepts, which were not regarded in such great detail during my education as a bachelor. Secondly, I can say that the teachers in the Master’s program put a great emphasis on the practical aspects of mathematical modelling, providing plenty of examples and advice for good practices in the process of real-world problem-solving. A lot of events, including workshops and seminars, concerning applied mathematical problems, are also organized during the semester with the participation of both students and tutors.

During the second semester of my Master’s degree education, I had the great opportunity to attend an ECMI modelling week. I applied for receiving a financial assistance from the organization, and luckily, my application was approved. I believe that attending an ECMI modelling week is one of the best ways for a student to practice not only his mathematical, but also social skills. It was a very beneficial and enjoyable experience for me!

In May 2020 I successfully defended my Masters’ thesis on the topic Numerical simulations of the process of adsorption onto activated carbon in water treatment applications. In fact, this topic was also inspired by an ECMI event – the 148th edition of the European Study Group with Industry, where a Dutch water-cycle research institute presented this applied problem. This institute was developed a mathematical model describing the process of water purification with activated carbon.

The numerical solution of this model, however, was identified as a current problem for various values of the parameters in the model. The main goal of the Master’s thesis was to construct a robust and efficient numerical scheme for solving the model. This goal was indeed accomplished and the numerical scheme proposed in the Master’s thesis was found very useful by the water research institute.

Since August 2020, I have been working as a Researcher in the Department of Numerical Methods and Algorithms at Sofia University. I believe this position will give me the chance to further develop the skills in the field of applied mathematics that the Master’s program gave me.

I hope that sharing my experience will encourage more students to start their journey in the world of industrial mathematics by joining an ECMI Master’s program!

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