Statistical Analysis of High Dimensional & Complex Data

The last years have seen the advent and development of many devices able to record and store an always increasing amount of complex and high dimensional data: 3D images generated by medical scanners, satellite remote sensing, system control datasets, administrative databases, mobile phone data, etc. The analysis of these complex and high dimensional data poses new challenging problems and requires the development of novel statistical models and computational methods, fueling many fascinating and fast-growing research areas of modern statistics. It provides also an invaluable insight for the control and optimization of key processes of business and industrial sectors, of life-sciences, and of healthcare management.

The Applied Statistics group at MOX, in collaboration with domain experts from the private and public sector, is involved in the study of: functional data, compositional data, tensor data, neuroimaging and image data, network data, spatial and space-time data, epidemiological, healthcare, administrative, pharmaceutical data, and vital signals.

One-day-ahead prediction of supply and demand curves in the Italian natural gas market (A. Canale, and S. Vantini (2016): “Constrained functional time series: Applications to the Italian gas market”, International Journal of Forecasting, Vol. 32(4), pages 1340-1351).


Spatial prediction of particle size densities in an experimental site in Tübingen, Germany (A. Menafoglio, P. Secchi (2017): “Statistical analysis of complex and spatially dependent data: a review of Object Oriented Spatial Statistics”, European Journal of Operational Research, 258(2), pages 401–410).


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