International Polytechnic Summer School: Do You Miss Summer Holidays?

Greetings from snowy St Petersburg! Do you miss warm sunny days? We are pleased to present International Polytechnic Summer School that will take place in St. Petersburg in summer 2018.


International Polytechnic Summer School is one of the biggest summer schools in Russia. Over 500 students from more than 50 countries attended the previous school held in 2017. This year 35 educational modules of various science fields will be available. Students majoring in Math might find the following modules of particular interest.

Modern SAP Technologies

06 — 26 AUGUST, 2018

This course describes the fundamental theory of enterprise resource planning systems and shows how the basic business processes interact with the SAP ERP in different functional areas. Students will get acquainted with the solutions for enterprise management based on SAP ERP and analytical solutions based on SAP HANA.

Skills and competence to be acquired by students

  • Understand the integration of business processes in SAP ERP
  • Understand the architecture of In-memory computing
  • Learn how SAP HANA provides new ERP analytical capabilities

Space Technologies

JULY 23 — AUGUST 05, 2018

The course is suitable as the first space technologies course or an add-on course for senior undergraduate students and graduate students.

The course is aimed to provide advanced techniques of space engineering and understanding of the core physics principles related to space exploration. In additional to technological part the school program emphasizes space industry problems. The theoretical courses are grouped to two blocks. B1 block focuses on space laws and economics; B2 block covers space technologies and physics Practical skills are trained during a hackathon. The speakers are industry experts and scientists experienced in space area.

Skills and competence to be acquired by students

  • Satellites Engineering
  • Space Communication Techniques
  • Space Hardware and Equipment
  • Astronomy
  • Radio Telescopic techniques

Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion

JULY 23 — AUGUST 05, 2018

The course is suitable as the first plasma physics course or an add-on course for senior undergraduate students and graduate students.


The primary objective of the course is to present the fundamentals of plasma physics particularly highlighting high-temperature plasma physics and its applications to controlled fusion. The course begins with an overview of plasma phenomena and their applications. The lectures cover Coulomb collisions, single particle motion in magnetic field, magnetic traps, principles of controlled fusion, plasma heating and diagnostics.

Skills and competence to be acquired by students

The students will acquire and consolidate skills and competence corresponding to the beginning of the first semester of the plasma physics course at Peter the Great Polytechnic University.

Smart Cities (digital fabrication, rapid prototyping, IoT, architecture, development tools, programming language)

13 – 26 AUGUST, 2018

The course provides students with comprehensive introduction to:

  • Implementation of product ideas through instruments of digital fabrication;
  • Project management and development;
  • Fabrication-oriented design and operating CNC machines.

In this program students will work in groups on creation of prototypes and functional models of urban-themed projects. Their work will be supervised and guided by experienced moderators. The course includes usage of different types of tools for digital fabrication: from computer aided design programs to CNC machines such as laser cutter, PCB milling machine, 3D-printer, etc.


The course accepts students’ project ideas (requires an interview with lab representatives before applying).

Students will gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience of:

  • Using modern CAD systems (Autodesk Fusion 360, Solidworks, Eagle, Altium)
  • Electronics design
  • Programming
  • Project design
  • Project development
  • Digital fabrication
  • Rapid prototyping4

3D Design and Digital Fabrication

AUG 06 – 26

Summer course “3D design and Digital fabrication” aims at bridging the gap between ideas and their physical representation by introducing students to the basics of three-dimensional modeling, analytic drawing, mock-up making and rapid prototyping technologies. It gives a unique opportunity to learn about product design process and practice different approaches to develop an idea into a prototype with the help of digital and analog techniques.

Electrical Engineering

JULY 23 — AUGUST 12, 2018

The program lectures cover general terms of power systems; basic concept of power system stability, electrical 3-phase system. Fundamental terms of short-circuit currents calculations are introduced. Temporary and surge overvoltages, reactive power compensation means and high voltage cable lines application issues are also considered. Additionally, the course focuses on load flow analysis methods, synchronous machines’ excitation systems and automatic voltage regulators principles of operation and root causes of power system blackouts. Special attention will be paid to the topic of Grid Integration of Renewable Energies and e-Mobility. Active teamwork in small groups on projects of the course will bring deeper understanding of the subject. 


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