ACES – Applied Computing in Engineering and Science


ECMI node Wuppertal completed successfully the EU TEMPUS Project ACES – Applied Computing in Engineering and Science, (12/2013-10/2017), coordinated by TU Vienna.

The Tempus project ACES was aimed at the development and implementation of new master programmes in the area of applied computing at the partner universities in Belarus and Russia in order to obtain a better integration of their higher education institutions in the European higher education area.

The ACES consortium includes 5 universities from five different EU-countries, 3 universities from Belarus, and 2 universities and 1 association from Russia.

Specific objectives of the project were

  • To develop a modern master program in Applied Computing for Engineering and Science, which will respect the principles of the Bologna process, and to implement it at 3 Belarusian and 2 Russian universities;
  • To develop and update courses and teaching materials for the master program;
  • To improve teachers’ qualifications and skills;
  • To implement modern teaching methods in the developed study courses;
  • To install modern equipment and software for teaching, practical training and development, and to equip libraries with expert literature;
  • To disseminate the know-how and developed materials to other universities.

The installed master programme  is  focused on the following areas:

  • scientific computing,
  • numerical analysis and optimization,
  • mathematical modelling,
  • statistical modelling, and
  • statistical computing.

The curricula have 120 ECTS and their unified modular structure form a good basis for the recognition of studies and creation of joint/double degree programs.
Various teaching materials in english and russian are developed and will be disseminated to other universities through the project website, especially check the publications page.



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