ESGI 131 in Bilbao: Boost the success of your company with Mathematics

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Boost the success of your company with Mathematics was the slogan of the 131st European Study Group with Industry, which was successfully held in Bilbao from 15th to 19th May 2017.

BCAM – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics was in charge of the organization of the event, in collaboration with BEAZ (public company of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia), MATH-IN (Spanish Network of Mathematics and Industry) and MI-NET COST Action. In addition the Basque Government and UPV/EHU supported the first edition of ESGI that took place in the Basque Country.

International researchers worked together on four challenges proposed by different companies. The industrial problems involved a wide variety of research areas, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, Statistics and Heuristic Optimization.

The selected challenges were:

  1. Parametric Design by Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation (CIE Automotive)
  2. Improvement of the Contact Center Performance (Eroski)
  3. Self-Organized Networks (Fon Labs)
  4. Big Data in Sports: Predictive Models for Basketball Player’s’ Performance (Xpheres Basketball Management)


Ainara Gonzalez

Project Manager, BCAM

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