University of Tartu: Researcher exchange with partner universities

The University of Tartu has signed partnership agreements with a number of international universities to facilitate academic staff exchange. Within the framework of these agreements both incoming and outgoing short-term visits (1-10 days) are supported.


UT academic staff members have the opportunity to invite their colleagues from partner universities abroad to visit Tartu in order to implement joint projects, establish new cooperation links, give lectures or organize seminars.

Reimbursable costs in Tartu:

–  accommodation (maximum rate 50 EUR per day);

–  transportation within Estonia (bus/train tickets).


UT researchers can use the exchange programme to make short-term researcher exchange visits to partner universities. Visiting opportunities depend on the possibilities of the receiving institution. Universities which are currently accepting short-term visits by UT researchers are marked in the list of partner universities with a comment in brackets (faculty exchange). Exchanges with partner universities which do not have this comment are negotiated on case by case basis.

Reimbursable costs:

–  accommodation;

–  daily allowance (in the University of Helsinki and Latvia University).

Staff exchange funds are limited and applications are considered on a rolling basis until funds are depleted.

List of partner universities:

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