Workshop on Mathematical solutions for Industry: Success stories and perspectives

The workshop will be held on October, 27-28th in Madrid (Spain).
Scope of the workshop | Mathematical technology provides advanced solutions to diverse problems encountered in companies in the development of their productive activity.  The aim  of the “Workshop on Mathematical solutions for Industry: Success stories and perspectives” is to promote the transfer of mathematical technology to companies and institutions, showing the technological solutions provided for each industrial sector and contributing, in turn, to the generation of research and development from an interdisciplinary perspective.
Within this event it is planned to present several successful collaboration examples between research groups and companies from the industrial sectors involved:

  • Energy and Environment.
  • Biomedicine, Pharmacy and Health Care.
  • Economy and Finance.
  • Information and Communication Technology and Logistics.
  • Materials, Aeronautics and Automotive

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All the information concerning the event will be continuously updated on the website:

The event is co-organized and co-financed by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT), the Spanish Network for Mathematics & Industry (math-in) and  the COST Action TD1409, Mathematics for Industry Network (MI-NET).
It is funded by the Thematic Network RTmath-in, granted by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness within the dynamic actions “Networks of Excellence” at 2014 call as well as by the AXA-ICMAT cathedra and the project  “Inteligencia artificial y ciencia de datos: aplicaciones a la detección de fraude en medios de pago” funded by Fundación BBVA. The workshop is also funded by the project Ref. SEV-2015-0554 developed under Severo Ochoa Excellence Program of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

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