Applied and industrial mathematics at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE, Budapest)

The Institute of Mathematics at  ELTE hosts many research groups, which cover a wide research spectrum. These groups using the mathematical knowledge are directed to real-life applications and built connections with various industrial partners.

The PIT Bionformatics Group develops software solutions for problems emerging in life sciences. The results include numerous webservers, protein-ligand docking tools, data mining programs, solutions for the analysis of the human braingraph and metagenomics software. Further information on

The research group Numerical Analysis and Large Networks investigates up-to-date research topics such as the simulation of epidemic and information spread on networks or the analysis of operator splitting and preconditioning. The group participates in several industrial projects, like in simulation and mathematical investigation of flows during injection moldings. For more info see

The Dependence Structures and Extremes of Stochastic Models research group has extensive experience in estimating risk, related to environmental processes, like floods or earthquakes — this research was mostly carried out in cooperation with major international insurance companies. Recently our interest has shifted to financial risk, including CDO pricing and counterparty exposure.                            

The main goal of the Egerváry Research Group (EGRES) research group is to follow the tradition laid down by Jenő Egerváry and work on combinatorial optimization problems
where nice characterizations, min-max theorems and/or polynomial time algorithms can be given. Network and graph optimization problems, matchings, matroid optimization, submodular functions and frameworks, partially ordered sets, or discrete convexity are only some of the central themes in combinatorial algorithms and structures that are intensively studied by the research group. The group has started a homepage for open problems which is not only a dry list but also contains motivations, links, comments, and solved special cases as well. Homepage of EGRES:

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